Uniforms, What Are They For?

Why Uniforms Matter Generally speaking, a uniform sets a standard of clothing for members of a company or an organization while participating as part of that group. People who interact with those in the uniform (such as customers, clients, or even the general public) come to expect a common behavior or capability from those in…
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Jeans Pockets – Did You Know?

Did You Know - What Your Jeans Pockets Were For? The very first blue jeans had four pockets, but there as only one in back. In the front or on the side, there were two more pockets and in addition, one of them held another, smaller pocket. Today that pouch is generally your fifth pocket, and it's usefulness…
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Nurse Origins

Nurse Origins Where do we get the word nurse from? The term is related to the modern word nourish, to feed, is derived from the 5th-century Latin nutrice --a wet-nurse (a woman hired to breastfeed an infant when a mother could not--or chose not to--do so.) It has origins in the word nuzzle, or nosell, for noseling (or nose-long);…
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What They Wore to Work: The OSCARS Pt.2

Workwear as Costume Dressing for work is always a bit of a challenge for everyone (unless you work from home in your pajamas). Even more so for some professions, such as actors. They sometimes get beautiful gowns, or fantastic formal and casual wear to show off a lifestyle; but they are just as often sentenced…
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